New Things

A friend from my teds woodworking review group said I needed to try new things more often.   We always bring in a dish once per week to share and I’m usually pretty good about trying different things but we’re trying to push each other to make different items to bring in.  Typically, it’s the same stuff, salads, fruits, spaghetti, lasagna, chicken, that sort of thing.  I was looking around online and found this, Yaka Mein.  I wonder if the class would even try this.  I may be making this for the next get together and see if it’s a success, it looks pretty good.

New App

I am so pleased with the Bible App they have out for the kiddos. Much different than what we had when we were young. We didn’t have such cool ways to learn about Jesus and all of the stories in the bible. Of course, we learned on Sunday’s at Sunday school but this is much more fun and exciting as the stories are animated as well.  It was great to be able to watch this as I was waiting in line for my appointment at debt consolidation loans bad credits class.  You can bring it with you wherever you go.


Adding a little moisturizer to your face every day really makes a difference. I used to be quite lazy about it and never cared. Now that i’m older, I’m a little more aware of taking better care of my skin. I have been diligently using moisturizer on my face for about two months now and the difference is quite noticable really. I am seeing that there is a decrease in the size of my pores and my skin feels and looks more smooth.  I’ll take my earnings from my credit card consolidation loans every month and try a new moisturizer.  It’s a really important part of my daily routine.

Nice Morning

It’s getting less humid out and we’re starting to feel a nice cool breeze in the mornings when we go outside. I’m not too sure if I am perfectly ready for the extreme cold, or If it is going to get extremely cold out this way. Last year we were told that there were ice flurries and that there was ice on some of the roads. If that’s the case, I think I may become a hermit for the next few months. All we can do is wait and see.  Like waiting and seeing if your credit debt was forgiven, it’s torture.


Tea is such a good choice for a relaxing afternoon. I think out of all the teas I have tried, I prefer the Breakfast teas most. The rich bold flavor just cannot be described fully over an email. You can always add to the already great flavor by adding a bit of creamer and a sugar packet. I personally use splenda and some non fat vanilla creamer.

This, not so relaxing, lol

Rain Rain Go Away

It has been raining for two days straight here. I do like rain some of the time, but this is crazy. I like to sit inside and watch storms go by, some of the lightening storms are pretty cool looking, like these in the video.

I’m hoping the sun will come out soon though so we can go out and play.  I want some relief from all of these consolidation loans for bad credit commercials I’m seeing on TV.  I would rather be out in the sun.

Great Paths

You never know who you’re going to run into or who our great Lord has to put in your path.  Not so much the wacky stuff, well maybe that also like when he got wacky scholarships.  We just moved to our new home about 2 months now and have joined a new church. My husband had been to this church before a few years back. Well, we just felt like we were supposed to be here. Recently, we joined a new gym and believe it or not, there are many people that happen to go there too that are from the church, including our pastor. It’s really incredible. We had no idea they even went to this particular gym. We just chose it because they had day care for our daughter. It seems like all the stones are being placed right in the correct spot. We are excited for more things to come.


We live near an airforce base and it is so neat to look up and see the random air craft in the sky. Thankfully we’re not too close to the base so much so that we are hearing them roar over our home thankfully. When I was younger, I live right next to an airforce base, I figured getting into the military was easier than trying to get a merit based scholarships and the planes were so close that it actually shook the windows and woke you up. Talk about annoying. Now they are far enough away but still visible and our daughter likes to see them fly over. There are also helicopters that fly by also. It always leads to a good conversation and a good teaching lesson about sound and how it travels.

Ballroom Dancing

I would love to learn ballroom dancing, I think it is very sophisticated and beautiful.  I’m hoping to convince my husband to go with me as he is the only partner I would want dancing with me.  I wonder if he’ll go for it.  Maybe if I tell him there is a surprise in it for him?  I’m sure he’ll go, he’s pretty romantic, so if it makes me happy, he’ll do it.  Here are some cool videos I saw online about ballroom dancing that I enjoyed.  Much more exciting than watching anything else like science for school, or debt consolidation loans bad credit for class.  Just perfectly beautiful.


I really wish I would have gotten into web design instead of credit card debt consolidation when I was in school.  My job is so boring.  I feel good only because I know that I am helping people but my real passion is web design.  I was doing web design in school when the first computers came out and it wasn’t really big yet.  Plus, I’m sure I would make a much better income in which I could support my family a lot better with.  I’m checking into some online schools right now in which I can get a degree and still work at my current job.  Here’s to hoping big and sticking with your dreams!


Listening to the piano is so very relaxing for me.  I was having a difficult time today getting into the swing of working.  All kinds of things were going through my mind, about our daughters home school package not coming, thinking about what needs to be done later on in the week, you know, the usual.  I was sitting here trying to figure out how to get my mind better focused so I could continue my work.  I was messing around online and found a station that plays classical, and I found piano.  Much more exciting than the bad credit consolidation loans site I first came to.  I thought, well, I’ll give it a shot.  It really worked, it seems like the softness of the piano just takes over the other thoughts in your head, and allowed me to relax and focus on my work!  I’ll be trying that again tomorrow.

Love Story

Anyone else like chick flicks?  I am such a sucker for them.  One of my favorites?  Well, I like sleepless in Seattle.  Such a great love story.  I felt bad for her ex though, although he seemed a bit boring and always seemed sick.  My favorite part had to be at the end definitely when she went to the top of the empire state building.  The sadness that overwhelmed me when she walked up there and he wasn’t there was incredible.  Then, all of the sudden, out of nowhere, his son, races back up the elevator, comes outside, and they meet!  Then, moments later, when Tom Hanks comes back out and the two finally connect.  What a love story.  Sometimes learning how to get a scholarship is much easier than learning how to find love!


Does anyone remember maps?  Not Mapquest, or Garmin, or Tom Tom maps, but old fashioned, made out of paper maps.  I can’t believe they still have them around.  I was on my way to my credit card debt consolidation appointment when right before entering the door, I saw a paper map.

I did a double take, I didn’t know anyone used them any more, they had a stack of maps for sale.  I think the last time I used a map was about 18 years ago.  What a pain they were, unlike the technology they have now.  I remember having to pull over on the side of the road so that you would not get into an accident while unfolding this ginormous map and attempting to know how to read it, lol.  It’ s almost like you need a course, just to learn how to read them.  Thank goodness for new technology, I’m sure there are those out there that continue to do things the old fashioned way.

Crochet Anyone?

I hate to admit it, but I love to Crochet!  Does anyone else out there enjoy it?  I learned from my grandmother when I was a little girl and haven’t stopped since.  I like making blankets, mittens, even toilet paper covers, lol!  There are so many things you can make, and it’s pretty relaxing.  I’d really like to learn how to knit.  I’ve attempted to knit using different learning tools out there, but with little success.  Admit-ably so, I haven’t been able to crochet for awhile.  The yarn isn’t as inexpensive as it used to be.  It’s like $5 or more for a spool of yarn, crazy!  I think once I get my credit card debt down, I’ll be able to pick up my enjoyable pass time again :)

Treasure Hunter

I always like searching for treasure wherever I go!  You don’t need a map and any tour guide to go treasure hunting, you can just look for things on a daily basis, even when online.   I like to search around different sales throughout the neighborhood, you can find a lot of nice, sometimes new items to purchase.   I was able to get a beautiful princess bed for my daughter by going to a furniture liquidator which, the same item in a “known” furniture store was about $400 more!  I’ve also been able to find treasures in other areas, like when I was able to get my scholarships for moms online, wow, what a great help that was.  It is my ticket to financial freedom and my ticket to be able to find more treasure out there.

My Favorite All Time Drink

I think coffee has to be my favorite all time drink.  I try not to drink it at night because, well, I just stay up. Anyway, I like to consider myself a writer and in many ways I like to draw inspiration from things around me.  I also I think I am a total Bacon nerd. I love bacon on everything. Although I am not a  big fan of seafood, this last week, I tried shrimp for the first time.  Although, I don’t think I will be repeating that experience!  At least, I don’t have to if I don’t want :)  I’m just going to continue to enjoy my Summer none the less before going back to school this fall.  I’m hoping to again get one of the quick scholarships as I did last year!

Making Chocolate on the Fly

Sure I can make chocolate brownies and fudge but tonight I decided to look for unusual ways to cook with the bars of baking chocolate I bought at the supermarket today. I have a few bags of kettle cooked potato chips and so I decided to melt the chocolate and create chocolate covered spicy potato chips. I sprinkled some sliced almonds on top of the chocolate coated chips and my three girls are enjoying them. Another thing I’m doing is adding melted unsweetened chocolate to my venison and vegetable stew and it gives my stew a rich and robust flavor. In fact, while we were studying our anatomy and physiology study guide, we  were looking at better ways to cook beef stew, just as a side topic when we took a break

A friend suggested that I prepare a chocolate rub for my pot roast. The rub includes melted unsweetened chocolate, three to four teaspoons of cayenne pepper, two teaspoons of paprika, olive oil, and an eighth cup of low sodium tomato paste. I rubbed the mixture all over the pot roast and the results were delicious.

The Point of Everything.

Ever had one of those days where all you ask is, ‘What is the point anyway? Why try harder?’. I have been to that dark place, severally, where i felt like i was fighting a war alone and nobody around seemed to care.

So why keep going when we one day you are going to be but a memory? Because your life was not handed to you to sit around till the clock stops ticking. Your life is a canvas for you to paint your dreams on, to inspire others and to be remembered. Our essence of existence is to leave back a trail of inspiration. It is to leave behind people you have motivated, inspired and made grow. Your life is who you are and who you are is your life. So try harder every day and when there is no point, make one even when financial problems arise.

Anytime you want to give up on life, on anything, always remember that you cannot be handed to something you are not built to handle. Let not the amazing opportunity given to you waste away. Live this life whichever way it makes you happy. It is yours after all, isn’t it? Make it count!

Simplest Tasks

As I get older I am always amazed that even the simplest tasks seem to take forever. Just going to the post office can seem to take up most of an afternoon. I can sit in front of the computer and start my next and the next thing I know I have worked past lunch time.

I am always impressed with people who can practice mindfulness in their everyday life. They seem to live in the moment but not for the moment. This is a skill that I must work on more, perhaps I can get weird scholarships for doing the most in my spare time.

There is always things that need to be done and it seems that if I do not do them they will not get done. Sometimes I am tempted to blow off everything and just spend the day at the movies. But this will not solve anything and I will still have the same work to do and everything will be later. My spare time.

Writers Block?

Lately, I have been struggling with what they call writer’s block. Now, off course I’ve heard that term before but I’ve never completely understood what it means. Does writer’s block really exist or is it just a myth? If it exists, how to overcome it? What is inspiration? Does that exist? Does writer’s block mean being uninspired? Or does it all come from good old laziness? New questions just kept arising in my mind, but then I remembered something I read a few years ago in a magazine.

I read an interview with famous musician, Bono Vox from the band U2. The journalist that interviewed him wanted to find out if Bono has ever experienced writer’s block before or if he thought it was just a myth.

He answered:”When you don’t know what to write about, just write about not knowing what to write about.” Which is what I am doing right now. Funny, isn’t it? I guess writer’s block is just a myth then.  Perhaps, for those who needed a credit card consolidation loan may find that writers block does not really exist. It is only temporary.

My Samsung and I.

This is a smartphone you’ll desire to buy. This latest high end smartphone from Samsung has adorable features which beats any of the latest released phones. It is 1080p Super AMOLED 5.1″ inch screen size and resolution, currently on of the best in the market today.
The phone has a new dotted body design with blue, gold, white and black color options. For security concerns, Samsung galaxy S5 has a fingerprint sensor at the physical button.

This phone is endowed with a 16MP snapper at the back and a 2.1MP front camera for selfies. Inside the phone is a 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 quad core processor, 2GB RAM and Adreno 330 graphic processor. It is a wonder to watch.

This new device has support for 2G, 3G and LTE connectivity, NFC, Wi-Fi and bluetooth. There are 16GB and 32GB variants of the smartphone. 2800 mAh battery keeps the S5 on for 21 hours of talk time and 16 days standby time. It is also IP67 certified meaning it is water and dust resistant.  Those looking for weird scholarships should not look here, thats for sure. This phone is one of the most “normal” phones on the market.


Friendships can be a source of unbelievable happiness, comfort, support, and can provide meaning to the lives of their participants – however, they can also be aggravating, soul sucking, and anger inducing. Friendships are a complicated business to say the least. They don’t come with a manual or set of instructions, and unlike romantic relationships there is not typically a life shattering or definitive moment when you know they’re over.

So how do you know?

Here are undeniable 3 signs that point to the inevitable destination of friendship destruction:

One-sided: Do you feel as if you are the only person who makes an effort? Constantly trying to make plans or get in contact with someone who could not care less is a definite sign of disinterest on their part. Or are you the disinterested friend? Either way, indifference on either side signals that the friendship is burning out.

Dread: When you know you have to hang out or talk to your friend are you filled with a sense of dread? Are you wondering how on earth you are going to put up with their annoying behaviour for one more second? This pretty much indicates the end is near. When someone is driving you absolutely crazy, it is safe to say it’s probably time to cut the cord

Too Critical: Ouch, your friend doesn’t seem to hold back their opinions of you, and they’re not exactly nice or constructive. Maybe they criticize they way you dress, your personality, your life choices, etc. And after a while it starts to take a toll. Being friends with someone who criticizes you constantly can wreak some major havoc on your self-esteem, and shows that they clearly don’t respect you. Not really true friend material.

Now this isn’t to say that some friendships aren’t salvageable or worth saving. There are definitely some gems out there worth fighting for. But if your friendship is suffering from any of the afflictions listed above, it’s probably time to do some evaluating to determine how important said friendship is to you.

Is it worth it to waste your precious time with a friend who is actually kind of the bane of your existence? Food for thought. If only life was as simple as facebook, aka defriending someone with the click of a button. Too bad going to school and getting financial aid was this easy.

A Bucket List?

As dark as I might seem having a bucket list can go to great strides to ensuring you achieve all or some your life goals. I have compiled a short list of the things you must do before you die.
Watch the top hundred movies of all time
This must be inclusive of the Godfather, Lord of the Rings and the best movies in all of the cinematic history.
Hanging from Toronto’s CN Tower
You must do this breath taking activity regardless if you have fear of heights since the tower stands at a breathtaking 356metres making it the 5th tallest structure in the world.
Visit Area 51
Do you believe in existence of aliens? Either way you should visit the restricted and highly rumored Area 51 in Nevada situated on the southern Groom lake shore.
Visit all the 7 continents
Explore all the continents or do the very least that is stepping on each of the continents.
This exciting once in lifetime ,literary, adventures are a recommendation for a life well lived.

Never Fight Losing Battles

Today I have made up my mind that I can do it. I am confident that I can win this battle of the bulge I have been fighting for so long. Some times I feel like a loser fighting a losing battle. Today feels different. Today I will take control. I have decided I will not let the scale steal my joy. I refuse to live a life of obesity, of insecurity, of defeat.

There are those who do not understand the powerful addiction of food. It is simple they say- eat less, move more. They do not comprehend that food can be as addictive as a powerful drug, bringing both comfort and calm to those who indulge. Today I will face the realities that perfection is impossible even when applying for college. I can only chose to live every day making wiser decisions than the day before. One day I will look in the mirror and see the best me. Until then I will accept the me of today, imperfections and even though I am trying to get left handed scholarships . Oh, I wish I were right handed!

What Does Ted Say?

Most people have to interact with other human beings in some way or another. Which means communicating with them is essential in life. But communicating with other humans can be difficult for some. Some can do it by drawing pictures, others by interpretive dance, singing, cinema, or sonnets.

Great article in interaction.

But some can’t. Thus Powerpoint, among a vast array of technologies is a communication media prosthetic. To people who can’t communicate, it a form of communication prosthetics. Every new technology introduced into society is a new communication prosthesis. The purpose of these communication technologies is to communicate what our mind is thinking. Facial expressions and body language communicate feelings in an uncontrolled way, sometimes people may look sad or tired and not even know it.

Hieroglyphics and written text act as CPs by communicating ones thoughts, feelings, emotions and other attributes. It is an advancement from facial expressions and body language because the message can be created at one point and choose to be received at multiple points at any time in the future, it also allows a message to be delivered to another person whiteout being in their presences (mail, printing press, mass publication). A picture is worth a thousand words and picture is also an effective CP. It advances the medium of writing by communicating a picture which can capture and transmit elements that are hard to through text.

GRaphic DEsinG

Everyone knows the Nike logo. It is unique and defines Nike as a corporation as well as serves as a brand identity for Nike products. Logos represent an important means for a company, corporation or institution to identify themselves and serve as brand ambassadors for the services being provided.

Logos are the brain child of graphic designers who are challenged on a daily basis to create unique designs representing the philosophies of the companies and their products. The designers themselves have to learn how to design logos from various design books which provide ideas and inspiration.

Design books have varied objectives. They contain information about logos, and stories of how some popular iconic logos were created. The books provide step-by-step instructions to design a logo and also serve as catalogues of logos providing inspiration to designers with ideas for creating a brand identity. They are available are e-books online as well as hard copies in bookstores. Many students who won no essay scholarships, were also shown to excel in graphic arts.

Gaining Success While Speaking.

For the success of any organization, effective communication is vital. Transmission of data to the understanding between the sender and recipient is the goal for good communication. For this communication to succeed, barriers must be lessened. Below are points to increase direct and effectual communication:

-To start, one must be familiar with their audience, meaning those for whom the message is meant. The message must be conveyed in clear terms that are familiar within the work force and to whom you are contacting.

- Avoid semantic barriers by conveying your message with easy, concise, and understandable words. The language should flow and the expression of the intent clear and chosen with care.

-To avert credibility gaps, management must agree to procedures and activities within the workforce in accordance with communication. Communication is also very important in school and even those who are going to school may benefit.

- The structure of the organization should be sound and suitable to the requirements of said organization. Management should make efforts for the communication process to be effective and understandable.

The Tube

This looks like something I want to see!

Somethings I Have Been Thinking About

This will be a win- win situation for your community as well as yourself. You can add the experience to your resume and the community gets the much needed assistance from your service.

2.Maintain relationships with your former co-workers

This is essentially so as they can notify you of re-hire opportunities at your former workplace and chances are you will be the first consideration when a vacancy arises if you still keep in touch.


By letting your family and friends know of your employment status will ensure that they recommend you for any job opportunities they come across.

4.Evaluate your current finances

Make sure you have enough money to pay for your rent and to put food on the table since chances of getting a paycheck again is uncertain. It’s no fun to have to get consolidation loans for people with bad credit if you do not have too.

5.Unemployment insurance

This is to be done at your nearest unemployment office or workforce services where you can qualify for a given period of unemployment compensation especially your company laid you off for downsizing purposes.

My Thoughts On Speaking

Do you hate speaking in front of people at school, work, or at a convention center? Well you are not alone, studies show that people fear public speaking more than dying on a plane. If you are like me, then you need some tips and coaching to get you through this rough patch calling public speaking. The first thing you need to do is to narrow down your topic and devise an outline plan of what it is you intend to speak about to an audience.

Next, you need to practice your speech in front of a mirror or outside to test for speech clarity, length of speech, and overall flow of the speech that you are going to be presenting. Remember it is normal to be nervous at the beginning of your speech, use this to your advantage by telling a joke or icebreaker story to help you relax and settle into your speech. You don’t have to prepare your speech alone, there is always coaching and help available to you, you just have to ask someone! Although some people have been able to get money for speaking, I do not think I would be able to even get easy scholarships for speaking the Gettyburg Address!



Asian Market Info.

This site is an education site which is geared to help students understand the aspects of trading. Here is a video that will help those understand different types of trading.

This is a great video dissecting the different markets around trading.

This is a video we found, which is a presentation of Forex and different markets.

Asian Markets With American Finances

This article is excellent.

Take some time to read this article. It is very informative on the different types of trades that people are doing. Some students who we have talked too in our financial classes would like to get started with trading overseas. From doing Ebay to going the forex market, we have seen many people  earn a lot of money and those who after spending a lot of their money end up having to file for bankruptcy to try to reorganize their finances or they end up trying to get unsecured debt consolidation loans bad creditin order to avoid Chapter 11 or 7, or 13 so they can get an additional lines of credit. Although this site is used as just an example, we have seen many who may or may not fall for the get rid of debt fast so you can get more. This, in our opinion is not the best route to practive because it may lead to unhealthy spending and borrowing.  Stay tuned as we go over more information on what the best practices are for Asian trading and how to begin from scratch.