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Asian Market Info.

This site is an education site which is geared to help students understand the aspects of trading. Here is a video that will help those understand different types of trading.

This is a great video dissecting the different markets around trading.

This is a video we found, which is a presentation of Forex and different markets.

Asian Markets With American Finances

This article is excellent.


Take some time to read this article. It is very informative on the different types of trades that people are doing. Some students who we have talked too in our financial classes would like to get started with trading overseas. From doing Ebay to going the forex market, we have seen many people  earn a lot of money and those who after spending a lot of their money end up having to file for bankruptcy to try to reorganize their finances or they end up trying to get unsecured debt consolidation loans bad credit in order to avoid Chapter 11 or 7, or 13 so they can get an additional lines of credit. Although this site is used as just an example, we have seen many who may or may not fall for the get rid of debt fast so you can get more. This, in our opinion is not the best route to practive because it may lead to unhealthy spending and borrowing.  Stay tuned as we go over more information on what the best practices are for Asian trading and how to begin from scratch.