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Does anyone remember maps?  Not Mapquest, or Garmin, or Tom Tom maps, but old fashioned, made out of paper maps.  I can’t believe they still have them around.  I was on my way to my credit card debt consolidation appointment when right before entering the door, I saw a paper map.

I did a double take, I didn’t know anyone used them any more, they had a stack of maps for sale.  I think the last time I used a map was about 18 years ago.  What a pain they were, unlike the technology they have now.  I remember having to pull over on the side of the road so that you would not get into an accident while unfolding this ginormous map and attempting to know how to read it, lol.  It’ s almost like you need a course, just to learn how to read them.  Thank goodness for new technology, I’m sure there are those out there that continue to do things the old fashioned way.

Crochet Anyone?

I hate to admit it, but I love to Crochet!  Does anyone else out there enjoy it?  I learned from my grandmother when I was a little girl and haven’t stopped since.  I like making blankets, mittens, even toilet paper covers, lol!  There are so many things you can make, and it’s pretty relaxing.  I’d really like to learn how to knit.  I’ve attempted to knit using different learning tools out there, but with little success.  Admit-ably so, I haven’t been able to crochet for awhile.  The yarn isn’t as inexpensive as it used to be.  It’s like $5 or more for a spool of yarn, crazy!  I think once I get my credit card debt down, I’ll be able to pick up my enjoyable pass time again :)

Treasure Hunter

I always like searching for treasure wherever I go!  You don’t need a map and any tour guide to go treasure hunting, you can just look for things on a daily basis, even when online.   I like to search around different sales throughout the neighborhood, you can find a lot of nice, sometimes new items to purchase.   I was able to get a beautiful princess bed for my daughter by going to a furniture liquidator which, the same item in a “known” furniture store was about $400 more!  I’ve also been able to find treasures in other areas, like when I was able to get my scholarships for moms online, wow, what a great help that was.  It is my ticket to financial freedom and my ticket to be able to find more treasure out there.

My Favorite All Time Drink

I think coffee has to be my favorite all time drink.  I try not to drink it at night because, well, I just stay up. Anyway, I like to consider myself a writer and in many ways I like to draw inspiration from things around me.  I also I think I am a total Bacon nerd. I love bacon on everything. Although I am not a  big fan of seafood, this last week, I tried shrimp for the first time.  Although, I don’t think I will be repeating that experience!  At least, I don’t have to if I don’t want :)  I’m just going to continue to enjoy my Summer none the less before going back to school this fall.  I’m hoping to again get one of the quick scholarships as I did last year!

Making Chocolate on the Fly

Sure I can make chocolate brownies and fudge but tonight I decided to look for unusual ways to cook with the bars of baking chocolate I bought at the supermarket today. I have a few bags of kettle cooked potato chips and so I decided to melt the chocolate and create chocolate covered spicy potato chips. I sprinkled some sliced almonds on top of the chocolate coated chips and my three girls are enjoying them. Another thing I’m doing is adding melted unsweetened chocolate to my venison and vegetable stew and it gives my stew a rich and robust flavor. In fact, while we were studying our anatomy and physiology study guide, we  were looking at better ways to cook beef stew, just as a side topic when we took a break

A friend suggested that I prepare a chocolate rub for my pot roast. The rub includes melted unsweetened chocolate, three to four teaspoons of cayenne pepper, two teaspoons of paprika, olive oil, and an eighth cup of low sodium tomato paste. I rubbed the mixture all over the pot roast and the results were delicious.

The Point of Everything.

Ever had one of those days where all you ask is, ‘What is the point anyway? Why try harder?’. I have been to that dark place, severally, where i felt like i was fighting a war alone and nobody around seemed to care.

So why keep going when we one day you are going to be but a memory? Because your life was not handed to you to sit around till the clock stops ticking. Your life is a canvas for you to paint your dreams on, to inspire others and to be remembered. Our essence of existence is to leave back a trail of inspiration. It is to leave behind people you have motivated, inspired and made grow. Your life is who you are and who you are is your life. So try harder every day and when there is no point, make one even when financial problems arise.

Anytime you want to give up on life, on anything, always remember that you cannot be handed to something you are not built to handle. Let not the amazing opportunity given to you waste away. Live this life whichever way it makes you happy. It is yours after all, isn’t it? Make it count!

Simplest Tasks

As I get older I am always amazed that even the simplest tasks seem to take forever. Just going to the post office can seem to take up most of an afternoon. I can sit in front of the computer and start my next and the next thing I know I have worked past lunch time.

I am always impressed with people who can practice mindfulness in their everyday life. They seem to live in the moment but not for the moment. This is a skill that I must work on more, perhaps I can get weird scholarships for doing the most in my spare time.

There is always things that need to be done and it seems that if I do not do them they will not get done. Sometimes I am tempted to blow off everything and just spend the day at the movies. But this will not solve anything and I will still have the same work to do and everything will be later. My spare time.

Writers Block?

Lately, I have been struggling with what they call writer’s block. Now, off course I’ve heard that term before but I’ve never completely understood what it means. Does writer’s block really exist or is it just a myth? If it exists, how to overcome it? What is inspiration? Does that exist? Does writer’s block mean being uninspired? Or does it all come from good old laziness? New questions just kept arising in my mind, but then I remembered something I read a few years ago in a magazine.

I read an interview with famous musician, Bono Vox from the band U2. The journalist that interviewed him wanted to find out if Bono has ever experienced writer’s block before or if he thought it was just a myth.

He answered:”When you don’t know what to write about, just write about not knowing what to write about.” Which is what I am doing right now. Funny, isn’t it? I guess writer’s block is just a myth then.  Perhaps, for those who needed a credit card consolidation loan may find that writers block does not really exist. It is only temporary.

My Samsung and I.

This is a smartphone you’ll desire to buy. This latest high end smartphone from Samsung has adorable features which beats any of the latest released phones. It is 1080p Super AMOLED 5.1″ inch screen size and resolution, currently on of the best in the market today.
The phone has a new dotted body design with blue, gold, white and black color options. For security concerns, Samsung galaxy S5 has a fingerprint sensor at the physical button.

This phone is endowed with a 16MP snapper at the back and a 2.1MP front camera for selfies. Inside the phone is a 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 quad core processor, 2GB RAM and Adreno 330 graphic processor. It is a wonder to watch.

This new device has support for 2G, 3G and LTE connectivity, NFC, Wi-Fi and bluetooth. There are 16GB and 32GB variants of the smartphone. 2800 mAh battery keeps the S5 on for 21 hours of talk time and 16 days standby time. It is also IP67 certified meaning it is water and dust resistant.  Those looking for weird scholarships should not look here, thats for sure. This phone is one of the most “normal” phones on the market.